Do you use your SD23 Gsuite account?   

Will you be leaving SD23 this year?

If yes to BOTH of these questions, then keep reading:

If you are leaving School District #23 this year (graduating, not continuing with school next year, enrolling at a private school, enrolling with another district), or you do not register in a public school within the district by June 30,  you will lose access to your student email Gsuite account (@learn account).  

This means you will also lose access to all data stored in docs, sheets, etc using that email account.  Access will end on June 30.  If there are any files you wish to maintain access to, you need to download or transfer their data.  If you are leaving eSchool23 but moving to another public school in the district your student account will remain active and no action is needed.  

There are 2 options available when it comes to downloading or transferring your SD23 GSuite data.  

 Option #1: Google Takeout Tool: this process allows you to download and/or transfer files in which you are the 'Owner'.

Google Takeout Video   document version of instructions

Option #2: Download All Your Files: this process allows you to download copies of EVERYTHING in your Google Drive.

Google Download Video  document version of instructions

*Note: we've also added this resource to the website under 'Getting Started - Student Accounts'.

 Should you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact our help desk.

Last modified: Saturday, 13 August 2022, 11:29 AM