If you are a Grade 12 SD23 student taking an eSchoolBC course, note that:

  • SD23 counsellors have full access to your current progress in any eSchoolBC course(s). 
  • If your graduation depends on an eSchoolBC course, this course will be reviewed by counsellors in the same way as any other grad-dependent course. 
  • If you are behind schedule (looking like you may not finish the course by mid-June), you may not be "walking the stage."  This is the same as if you were failing an in-class course (compromising your chances of graduation). 
  • Rumors that you need to be completely done by May are not correct, but you DO need to be "on schedule" for completion.
  • Make sure you stay on schedule!
Last modified: Saturday, 13 August 2022, 11:16 AM