SD23 eMail Addresses

All students who are currently active within SD23 have a district email account (if you have been out of SD23 schools for more than 30 days, you will have lost your account).

Some students use this email address for their school-related email.   For eSchool23 courses, you are not required to use this email address UNLESS you're enrolled in a Careers Course (eg. CLE, CLC).   For these courses, you'll need the SD23 account to access myBluePrint (details below).

First time using your SD23 account?

  • go to
  • click on SD23 DASHBOARD (top-left)
  •*  (NOT
  • password = your school network password (if you know that)
  • If you need your password reset, contact your teacher**

*will vary if someone else in the district has the same name and/or your name has untypical characters. 
**teachers can use TLC Teacher Tools to lookup usernames and/or reset passwords.

myBluePrint (MBP) Accounts

In order to access MBP (used in Careers courses), you need to have an SD23 eMail address (as mentioned above).   Once you have that address, you can activate your MBP account.

How to activate your MBP account (using your SD23 email):

    1. Visit 
    2. Click 'School Account Log In' 
    3. Enter your school email/username and password 

If you need help, please contact myBluePrint by phone or email

Last modified: Thursday, 13 October 2022, 3:06 PM