FAQ:  Can a student who had troubles at a school "continue" their course in eSchoolBC?


No.   A nice thing about online courses is that you can go as quickly as you like.   So, if you already know some of the material, then push through it quickly.    It'll be a great review and you have an opportunity to increase your grades due to a better understanding.



When online programs claim a course, they must claim the entire course.   We cannot claim a partial course and it has been made clear from MoE that a course claim means that they did the entire course with us.   If they happen to have some assignments that they can "reuse," that's fine.    Submitting an essay (for instance) into a new course is fine, as it would be in most any other courses.     We just cannot replace units and/or tests with pre-achieved grades.



There are RARE exceptions where we would forego any funding for a student who was in a pickle and their school couldn't help them out.   For example, say, a student was doing really well in an course and got 75% the way through and got very ill.    For some reason the school can't accommodate them finishing the course.    The school could put their request to Jordan or John and we would serve the student with zero funding.

Last modified: Saturday, 13 August 2022, 11:24 AM