Who takes Online Courses?

Part-Time eSchoolBC Students

Part-Time eSchoolBC students have a home school (usually a traditional high-school or middle-school), but choose to take some of their courses through eSchoolBC. The majority of eSchoolBC students fall into this category (choosing courses under Register Now!). Reasons that students choose to be a part-time eSchoolBC student include:

  • a course can't be fit into your local school's schedule
  • you are an athlete who will be missing classes and need something more flexible
  • a course that you need isn't being offered at your local school
  • you want to have some experience with online courses prior to facing them in university
  • you have anxiety (or some other challenge), that makes certain courses difficult in a classroom setting


Full-time eSchoolBC Students

Full-time eSchoolBC students treat eSchoolBC as their "home school" and take the majority of their courses through eSchoolBC. Full-time eSchoolBC students in grade 10 can choose to be part of scheduled online classes (see Blended 10) or work at their own pace (choosing courses under Register Now!). All grade 11-12 courses are done at their own pace.  Reasons that students choose to be a Full-Time eSchoolBC student include:

  • your family has chosen a Home Schooling option
  • you will be travelling with your family during part of the year
  • your committment to athletics, or some other activity, doesn't allow a classroom format
  • you have anxiety (or some other challenge), that makes a classroom settings difficult


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