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NOTE: We are no longer accepting students for the 2017-18 year. Please contact us in April for 2018-19 intakes.


The Blended Learning Grade 5-10 program in SD23 is an enriching program with many opportunities for students. The program is a blended model meaning there is both online and onsite components. Students meet their teachers and classmates daily in a virtual classroom and also have opportunities to meet weekly for activities ranging from skiing and sailing to arts and cultural. Our online classroom is a safe place for students to learn and interact with their teacher and their peers. 

Who Should Consider the DL Grade 5-10 Program?

This program is great for students who are academically motivated but are not able to attend a traditional academic setting due to travel, anxiety/health, or athletics. Students who struggle academically can get overwhelmed with the pace of the curriculum. Students should have an adult supervisor at home to both monitor and support. The student must be a BC resident.

What Does the Schedule Look Like?

The typical schedule involves students logging into a virtual classroom each morning to receive a formal lesson. They complete course work outside of this time. There are also many opportunities for students to come into McWilliams to get support and to engage in a variety of hands-on activities such as labs, projects, and robotics, as well as a wide-range of field studies around Kelowna.

Important Details on Frequently asked Questions

Can I work at my own pace?

Program is not self-paced. We encourage students to attend all classes and stay current with the material. There is flexibility built into our program to allow students to travel and participate in sports or other pursuits. Our lessons are recorded and students can make arrangements with their teachers for extensions.

If I am working online, does this mean that I am working all alone?

No! We have a strong focus on building social emotional skills and forming a community of learners. Students don't work in isolation (they work together online and side-by-side during activities). We have 6-8 activities a month that allow students to connect with each other.

Does the family receive funding for PE, Art or other activities?

The program offers a wide-range of experiences for students: lifetime sports, arts and culture, outdoor activities, robotics, coding, project-based learning, volunteering, and more. We cover the costs of all of these activities, there is no costs to the families. We do not offer any financial incentives.

Do I need a fancy computer to work online?

No, you just need a computer and the internet.  We have laptops available with a $500 deposit.

How do I enroll?

We do a personal intake meeting with the family and student. Please contact us to discuss space/availability and intake for the Gr. 5-10 program.


Contact Information:

Thank you for your interest in our program. We do intake meetings with each family as part of our intake process.


Suzanne Callaghan
250.870.5120 Ext 7545

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