Programming 1 - Visual Basic

Visual Basic is Microsoft's high-level object-oriented rapid application development environment for the Windows platform. The first versions of Visual Basic were intended to target Windows 3.0 (a version for DOS existed as well), however it was not until version 3.0 for Windows 3.1 that this programming language gained large-scale acceptance in the shareware and corporate programming community.

Using drawing tools that resemble those found in hard copy page layout programs or Photoshop, VB programmers make user interfaces by drawing controls and other UI components onto forms. The programmer then adds code to respond to user interactions with the controls (for example, clicks, drag and drop, etc) known as events. The code can trigger events in other controls (for example, by displaying text or an image), execute procedures (run some algorithm based on the values entered in some control, output data, do business logic, etc), or almost anything else one might do in code.


Programming 2 - Java

The Java programming language itself provides a very clean implementation of most of the important object-oriented concepts, and serves well as an introductory teaching language.