Grades 4-5



The Distributed Learning 4-5 Program offers opportunities for students to be schooled at home with their parent/guardian. Teachers facilitate independent directed programs, on-line courses and other individual programs, all of which meet the expectations of the BC Curriculum. Curricular support (in English, Math, Science, and Socials) from 4-5 is offered through the support of the Distributed Learning teacher.

Distributed Learning is a public school program where the majority of the learning takes place at a distance (home)

Students will receive:


The purpose of the Distributed Learning Program is to facilitate and support home learners. Students and parents have access to:


Computer Services are offered to expand and enrich learning opportunities, including:


Contact Information:

Thank you for your interest in our program. We do intake meetings with each family as part of our intake process. If you wish for us to contact you the first week of September for a meeting, please fill out the Student & Parent Questionnaire.  

Please note that we will not in the office this summer. We will be returning to work Tuesday, September 5th and will answer all email inquiries during the first week.

Sarah Wood
Ph. 250-870-5120 ext. 8116