Parent Communications

Weekly "Progress Reports":

Once the year gets rolling (late-Sept), eSchoolBC teachers send out weekly "Progress Reports" to all their students.    These progress reports show the current grade, the portion completed, and details for each course submission.   Sometimes, teachers will included notes about deadlines and/or suggestions in the mail-outs.

Parents, guardians, and/or counsellors can contact a teacher and be included in the mail-outs for a particular student.

If you'd like to be included in the weekly mailouts for a particular student, just contact the teacher.   Supply your email address and relationship to student (will be verified).

eSchoolBC's "Parent Portal":

On the front page of this site, you'll see the orange button, called "Parent Portal, Reports."    At ANY time (24/7), a parent, guardian, or counsellor can access a full report about any eSchoolBC student's progress in their courses.

You'll simply need the student's:

  • PEN (Provincial Education Number) which is found on their home-school's report card or accessed through a school office.
  • Date of Birth


MyEdBC is used by most BC districts to keep track of student records and produce report cards.

Because eSchoolBC already has a "Parent Portal" system, parents can access progress continuously 24/7.   They can see student results immediately after assignments/tests are marked.

Therefore, eSchoolBC teachers simply put a reminder into the MyEdBC report cards to check the "Parent Portal."   That is:

This is an eSchoolBC Online Course.   Please refer to eSchoolBC's "Parent Portal" for a detailed report.   The "Parent Portal" can be accessed using the orange button on the front of the site.   Please contact the eSchoolBC teacher for ANY other information.